The benefits of remote work for both employees and managers


19 marzo, 2019
Content Discover all the features of a remote work software Hybrid work schedule: 2 models that work (+ 5 best practices) What Does Working Remotely Mean? Access to more opportunity best employee benefits to offer remote workers Improved inclusivity, diversity, and exposure to different cultures Most of your employees are already working remotely in some […]

Most of your employees are already working remotely in some fashion. You’ll also make the most of the real-time interaction you have with colleagues. Rather than interrupting them while they’re in flow, you might instead how companies benefit when employees work remotely write up a memo outlining your plan then call a meeting to discuss once everyone has read it. Pre-reading before meetings saves time and ensures you don’t waste the time you spend together on context gathering.

  • Organizations also must contend with the possibility of confidentiality breaches.
  • However, when you, or your employees, see a meeting invite come through on your calendar “just to chat”, it’s difficult to contain the groan that you feel develop somewhere deep within your chest.
  • When they see what slows them down (e.g., back-to-back-to-back meetings), they adjust.

However, the pandemic has also made it clear that remote work is here to stay. In the coming years, we can expect to see more businesses embracing remote work to promote flexibility, reduce costs, and attract and retain talent. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to reevaluate their remote work policies. The transition has been relatively smooth for some companies, with little disruption to productivity or morale.

Discover all the features of a remote work software

You spend many hours working so an office space you love to spend time in can increase your output. Remote employees can make their workspace as bright or plain as they wish.

You can also track productivity, company expenses and manage clients from anywhere in the world. This can make it harder for managers and supervisors to assess which employees deserve a promotion or raise. If a component on your PC or laptop fails, you have to either drive to or get a technician to fix it, which could leave you out of work for a few days. Many disadvantages dismiss remote working as a viable option for many industries.

Hybrid work schedule: 2 models that work (+ 5 best practices)

This provides a greater opportunity to find staff with specialized skills, therefore saving on training. One of the advantages of remote working means you can set up your office or workspace as you want it. You don’t have to worry about colleagues complaining if you’re untidy. And if you’re the obsessively tidy one in the office you can focus on your own area.

If an employee isn’t using their time effectively, then how will you approach them? Develop a plan for how to discuss problems with employees and how to re-engage them. Similarly, employees should know what they can do if they feel they are not performing their best or if they have concerns about a team member or supervisor. Remote work is a team effort, regardless of how many employees work remotely vs. in the office.

What Does Working Remotely Mean?

Companies can have different channels dedicated to specific teams and even new employees where they can share and regularly update information relevant to their roles. Providing this significantly helps the workflow of employees and also minimizes redundant questions managers and leaders receive constantly. When done right, remote work allows employees and companies to focus on what really matters—performance.

What are remote employee perks?

Remote employee perks are the benefits, tools, and resources that are hand-picked for employees who work from home. These perks are designed to counteract the unique challenges they face.

When working from home, many of the factors that cause tardiness are reduced or removed. Eliminated factors include oversleeping, being stuck in traffic and waiting in a long line at the drive-through to get morning coffee. Being able to roll out of bed and start working is a huge time saver.


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