My First Planet.

Climate change is, today, an obligatory issue in the concerns of all responsible beings and on the agenda of any government. The subject is addressed by some scholars as one of the megatrends of postmodern society. The degradation of the environment with the consequent climate change is a time bomb that must be deactivated if we do not want to disappear as a species from planet earth.

Measures to reverse the decline must begin with ongoing education and increased political will. The scientific community has sounded the alert from the four cardinal points, so now is the time to act.

At the rate we are going, living in the world is becoming more and more complicated. That paradisiacal habitat of which we had references is disappearing at a rate that is harmful to human survival. An abundant and responsible bibliography testifies to these ravages to the point that climate change and environmental degradation are related to one of the megatrends shaping the future.


The degradation of the environment is a trend that has implications for society, individuals and education. Climate change is a global problem that has been addressed by experts from around the world. These have concluded that the climate changes, due to natural causes and causes of anthropogenic origin. The topics to be discussed in this bibliographic review are a conceptualization of the problem, the opinion of the scientific community, the manifestations, the possible causes and the measures that have been suggested to combat climate change. This phenomenon is related to the challenges for the 21st century, with implications or considerations for the labor area. From the points not covered by the authors, new questions arise on the subject and finally we arrive at a brief conclusion of it.